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SeaLink Travel Group 2020 Supplier Recognition Award from ConocoPhillips

Monday 24 May 2021

SeaLink Travel Group was recently awarded the 2020 Supplier Recognition Award, with a focus on execution, by one of the world’s largest independent exploration and production companies in crude oil and natural gas, ConocoPhillips.  The award relates to the ferry services supply contract that provides ConocoPhillips employees with a critical transport link to the ConocoPhillips LNG plant on Curtis Island, Gladstone, Queensland.

ConocoPhillips started the Supplier Recognition Award program in 2015 to recognise suppliers who have made a real impact on their business and to honour them for exhibiting exceptional leadership that celebrates their SPIRIT values of Safety, People, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Teamwork.

SeaLink received this award in recognition of their exemplary contribution towards ConocoPhillip’s success in managing COVID-19 risks in 2020, and their continuous support and excellent performance since 2015. 

Clint Feuerherdt CEO SeaLink Travel Group said they were honoured to be recognised with the Award. 

“Reliability and flexibility have been key to the contract success. Delivering an essential transport link to a major facility on an island is a responsibility we take very seriously and none more than during the COVID-19 crisis when SeaLink continued to deliver its 100% level of reliability.  Even in times where more assets and more people are required, SeaLink is able to deliver.

“The LNG plants continued through the pandemic uninterrupted, and we were able to seamlessly flex the service delivery to adhere to COVID restrictions and social distancing,” he said.

Mr Feuerherdt said they have operated essential transport links to Curtis Island for over a decade.

“We have always delivered on our service committments for our important oil and gas clients,” he said.

SeaLink Travel Group operates the Gladstone Ferry service to Curtis Island in Queensland, which began transporting workers in February 2011, in support of the construction of the Liquefied Natural Gas projects.

The six environmentally friendly ferries were custom designed and purpose built for the Gladstone Harbour and local marine environment, and included the opening of the new Gladstone Berthing Facility.

“We have been able share our operating experience and marine engineering excellence to deliver environmentally exacting standards for the movement of passengers and equipment, on and off the ferries.

Mr Feueherdt said the projects in Gladstone were developed under strict environmental guidelines. 

SeaLink Travel Group have also designed purpose specific vessels with passenger ferries and equipment ferries including roll on - roll off barges for transporting large trucks, paramedic and medical ferries and vehicles that are compatible with ambulance vehicles, as well as other land based transport solutions such as buses.

“These transport solutions maximise efficiency and value, while benchmarking environmentally sustainable practices,” he said.

SeaLink is dedicated to exploring innovative and sustainable technologies, with the group boasting a proud history running the second longest hydrogen bus trial in the world (London), Australia’s largest order of electric buses, Australia’s first order of hydrogen buses for public transport, and taking part in the largest electric bus trial in Australia.

Marking another significant move into the resources space, SeaLink Travel Group announced last week it had acquired Go West, one of the largest specialist bus operators servicing the WA resources sector.

“The acquisition of Go West provides SeaLink with a unique opportunity to expand into a new market that is highly complementary to our existing Australian transport capabilities.

“We’re excited to showcase our capabilities and achievements, and continue delivering the reliable, flexible and sustainable services our customers rely on,” he said.