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South Australian Bus Contracts Retained & Additional Contracts Awarded

Tuesday 10 March 2020

SeaLink Travel Group Limited (ASX:SLK) (“SeaLink”) advises that today, through its wholly owned subsidiary Transit Systems Pty Ltd and its related entities (“Transit”), the group has been awarded four passenger transport service contracts with the Minister for Transport, retaining areas currently serviced in the East West, Outer North East and North South regions and expanding services to a new contract region, the Outer North. The North South region is an integrated bus and light rail contract which will be delivered in joint venture with John Holland Group Pty Ltd (“JHG”) and UGL Pty Ltd (“UGL”).

The new bus and tram passenger transport service contracts commence in early July 2020 and are each for an eight year period with a government option to renew for a further two years. Estimated contract revenue is approximately $1.45 billion in total over the eight year contract term.

The bus contracts to operate services for the East West & Outer North East contracts are contracts that Transit has operated since 2000 and 2018 respectively. The Outer North is a new contract region to Transit, which will transition from the current private operator. With the award of these contracts, Transit has grown its participation in the South Australian market and remains the largest private operator of public metropolitan bus services in Adelaide, employing over 1,100 people locally and expanding the local service footprint.

The North South Passenger Transport Service Contract for the delivery of Adelaide metropolitan bus and tram services will be delivered by Transit in a joint venture with JHG and UGL, who are the operators of the successful Canberra Metro Light Rail.

SeaLink Group CEO Clint Feuerherdt said the contracts represent the Company’s commitment to delivering world-class operations and reinforce its position as a global, multi-modal transport leader.

“Safety, convenience, reliability and performance underpin all of our services and we are pleased to renew our three existing contracts with the South Australian Public Transport Authority (“SAPTA”), extending our 20 year operating history in Adelaide.

“We are excited to welcome even more passengers on board our buses and more employees to our team in Adelaide with the additional fourth contract.

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“This announcement also reinforces our place as a competitive and leading international multi-modal provider, with the addition of tram operations, complementing our ferry and bus expertise.

“We remain passionately committed to designing, delivering and operating services that reflect the needs of the local community, combined with our extensive transport experience and innovations.

“We look forward to continuing to work alongside SAPTA to bring our global experience to the local network alongside our partners, JHG and UGL, in delivering the North South contract.”

*Authorised for release by Clint Feuerherdt, Group Chief Executive Officer *

Further information

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Clint Feuerherdt
Group Chief Executive Officer
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Andrew Muir
Chief Financial Officer
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SeaLink Travel Group is Australia’s largest integrated land and marine, tourism and public transport service provider with established international operations.

Carrying more than 360 million passengers a year in different locations around the world, the Group has over 8,700 employees and operates approximately 3,400 buses and 80 ferries with established domestic and international operations across every Australian state and one territory, as well as Singapore and London.

In 2020, SeaLink Travel Group acquired the Transit Systems Group, which operates government-owned metropolitan bus services in Perth (Swan Transit), Adelaide (Torrens Transit), Sydney (Transit Systems NSW), Victoria (Sita Group) and Darwin (Territory Transit). Internationally, the Transit Systems Group also operates urban bus services in London (Tower Transit), and in Singapore (Tower Transit Singapore).