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SeaLink Appointed Initial Integration Partner On Opal Project

Tuesday 28 March 2017

Captain Cook Cruises’ customers are set to experience the tap-on convenience of Opal on its commuter ferry services after the NSW Government announced plans to expand the card to private ferry operators, with Captain Cook Cruises appointed as initial integration partner.

Transport for NSW and Captain Cook Cruises are preparing plans to install the Opal system ready for operation in 2018.  Captain Cook Cruises was chosen as an initial integration partner in the project to ensure consistency of solution delivery, and speed to market.

Under the plan, Captain Cook Cruises will still continue to administer its own fare prices, structures and definitions.

“A key operational strength of SeaLink is its constant investment in IT to protect and grow earnings. We are confident that our significant in-house IT capability positions us well as the initial integration partner.” Mr Jeff Ellison, Managing Director and CEO said.

“The expansion of Opal to our commuter ferry services will make it much more attractive for Sydney ferry commuters to use our services as well as diminishing confusion about when Opal can be used on Sydney’s ferry services.” Mr Ellison said.

“Importantly, it provides opportunities to further extend our innovative ferry services on Sydney harbour, Sydney’s blue highway” Mr Ellison continued.

“Having been strong proponents of our inclusion on Opal, we are delighted to be an initial integration partner. We are excited about the opportunities this opens up for Captain Cook Cruises and its growing Sydney Harbour commuter customer base,” Mr Ellison concluded.

For more information please call:

Carla Schaefer, Investor Relations, SeaLink Travel Group, 0409 101 188 or [email protected]

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