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SeaLink Secures Sydney Harbour Charter Contract

Friday 15 November 2013

  • Agreement to charter 3 passenger vessels to Harbour City Ferries for Sydney routes
  • 3 year contract
  • Anticipated to contribute to earnings in FY 2014-2015

SeaLink Travel Group (“SeaLink”) (ASX:SLK), today signed an agreement with Harbour City Ferries to provide charter vessels through its subsidiary Captain Cook Cruises for additional passenger ferry services on Sydney Harbour. Under the agreement, charter operator Captain Cook Cruises will provide three fully crewed, fast, low-wash ferries to Harbour City Ferries for three years. Service commencement dates will be progressive, and aligned to the construction of additional vessels by SeaLink.

A newly constructed state-of-the-art passenger vessel, Elizabeth Cook, will be delivered to Captain Cook Cruises in Sydney this week and will commence services for Harbour City Ferries from 1st February 2014. The 24 metre catamaran will have the capacity to carry up to 200 passengers and offers a new level of comfort including large windows, professional marine interior and a 360-degree viewing sundeck. Other features include televisions, quiet fuel efficient engines, environment friendly hull design reducing wake, safe infrared night vision, high speed radar and CCTV throughout.

Two additional vessels have been ordered today and are being built in Hobart to the same specifications, for delivery in mid-2014. The cost associated with the construction of the three new vessels will be around $9 million and will be funded from the proceeds of the recent IPO.

SeaLink Travel Group Managing Director, Jeff Ellison, said the public transport contract win was a strong endorsement of the high quality services provided by Captain Cook Cruises. “Captain Cook Cruises is already a well-established name in tourism, charter, sightseeing and leisure, and the new vessels will provide a superior level of comfort and amenity to commuters on Sydney Harbour”, Mr Ellison said. “These ferries are the next generation in marine transport and were specifically designed to SeaLink requirements to create flexibility of operation.”

The new Captain Cook vessels can operate on Sydney Harbour, from Parramatta to Manly, giving Sydney Ferries flexibility to use the vessels on all routes.

SeaLink expects the deal to have a positive effect on earnings from FY2014-15.

For more information please contact Carla Schaefer, Investor Relations, SeaLink Travel Group on (08) 8202 8619

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