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Corporate Directory


  • Andrew McEvoy (Non- Executive Chair)
  • Jeffrey Ellison (CEO and Managing Director)
  • Terry Dodd (Non-Executive Director)
  • Fiona Hele (Non-Executive Director)
  • Christopher Smerdon (Non- Executive Director)
  • Andrea Staines (Non-Executive Director)
  • Company Secretary: Trevor Waller
  • General Counsel and Company Secretary: Paul Blewett
  • Investor Relations: Carla Schaefer

SeaLink's Registered office

Level 2
431-439 King William Street
Adelaide SA 5000


Ernst & Young
121 King William Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Australian Legal Advisor

Minter Ellison
Level 10
25 Grenfell Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Share Registry

Boardroom Pty Limited
Level 7
207 Kent Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Securities Exchange

SeaLink Travel Group ASX code: SLK